Our process

Initial consultation

Call to schedule an Initial Consultation with us to find out what loan program may be for your scenario and your next steps before application.

Complete your documents

If you have not already, please complete your business plan and other prescribed documentation to apply for the scenarios where it will be needed.  We offer brainstorm composition sessions to help with any of these documents you may have been asked to create.  For hard money, a broker agreement is signed and the fee may be collected at this time.

Clean up personal credit

Your personal credit score may be a factor, but this will depend upon the scenario.  Your credit does not need to be perfect to work with us, however, it helps a lot to have taken care of any issues first.  Ask us about credit repair services.

Set aside your funds

Be ready to be asked for your costs associated with your access to private funding.  Down payment, closing costs, or origination fees will apply in some scenarios.  Please ask if you do not know what you need to prepare to cover.

Apply as directed

Our consulting session will give you needed direction on which application to complete, what documents you will need to submit, and pull your credit report once.  This is important as we do not send your application to multiple lenders where you may have multiple credit inquiries.

Be ready to give information

 Underwriters will have questions as they investigate the deal and prepare for funding.  Please make yourself and essential staff available to provide this information otherwise it may delay your closing. 

After the deal closes...

We hand-off support for you loan to the lender.  We are no longer involved in the process.  When you need us to find you another loan product, we will be here to help find resources for you.

We'll blog about you if you'd like

We offer all our business clients an opportunity to be posted in our blog as a special spotlight to their entrepreneurship story.  This is an optional courtesy we provide to help give valuable visibility to businesses.

Become our referral partner

If you had a good experience, we invite you consider sending us your business owner friends who may need our help.  Please check our Partners page for more information.

We're always listening for your feedback.  Please feel free to share with us ideas on how we can improve.