How does Lioness Enterprises, LLC get paid?

We offer paid consulting options for business owners who need strategy or loan preparation consultation services, which are available for view at the scheduling page.  

We are paid a finders fee by lenders, which varies by the lender.  In these cases, we will not send you an invoice.

With real estate transactions, we charge a loan origination fee for our services to market your loan to our lender partners to find a suitable match.

When Lioness Enterprises, LLC finds a lender what happens next?

Lioness Enterprises, LLC acts as a finder service to help save business purposed loan seekers lots of time.  We've done the research to find the lender that'll be suitable for your situation and help find a win-win for everyone.  

We'll be prepared to help you apply with the right forms, documents, and services you need to proceed through our services.  

After the loan application support team in our partner organization takes on your application, we will support you and the lender through the funding and close process.  

Once the closure of the loan has happened, we'll standby for when you need a helpful hand to find capital again.  We consider this part of the process the hand off to the lender you chose.  

What rate and fee can I expect?

Every transaction we do is different.  With over 4000+ partnerships to loan product providers, we have a lot of options to offer for any situation that comes up.  Once we have the loan summary information we need, then we can find clear terms to present to you from the lender.

Predictable costs from Lioness Enterprises, LLC are available at our Scheduling page.  

Will you write my business plan and all docs I need?

Unfortunately we do not have enough psychic powers to understand the full scope of your business brilliance and we do need your help to fill in the details on what you plan to do.  

We will kick start documentation with you and help you refine it before you need to use it.  Your creative business brilliance will be required to fill in details where needed so we make sure we properly articulate your business as it should be.

When should I ask for Lioness Enterprises, LLC's help with a loan?

Business owners need capital infusions to expand.  Credit allows companies to scale their plans quickly.  Loans are a way to enable business to stay afloat when bumps in the road happen that could otherwise derail their future.  

Loans are often thought as a bad thing in many cultures, but savvy business owners realize that loan products are tools of growth.  If a business owner has properly planned, the loan products are incredible leverage tools to maximize a growth strategy.

If you're ever in a pinch or ready to expand, we'll be here to help.

What do I do to get Lioness Enterprises, LLC's help?

Check our process page so you understand your overall steps.  Then take a moment to look at our other FAQs that are relevant to your scenario.  We welcome you to speed up our process by filling in your details at our Pre-Qualification Form.  When we receive your entry we will be notified via email and do our research before calling you back. 

Want to talk during business hours?  Call us at 833-670-2274, or contact us by email via our website form.  

We're looking forward to the chance to help you realize your business dreams.