Soft Money

What is a Soft Money loan?

A soft loan is a loan with a below-market rate of interest. This is also known as soft financing. Sometimes soft loans provide other concessions to borrowers, such as long repayment periods or interest holidays. Soft loans are usually provided by governments to projects they think are worthwhile.

What is the difference between hard and soft lending?

For this reason, you may have an easier time acquiring a soft money loan than a hard money loan. Soft money lenders also focus more on your credit score. In essence, a soft money loan is a type of asset-based financing that combines elements of hard money loans with conventional loans.

Are there any "Up-Front" fees?

We perform professional review of Applicant business plans (composition services are available) combining plan elements with summary data we obtain from the Applicant; prepare this data for presentation to Sources; conduct the formal presentation to the logical Source(s) of Funding; secure the provisional interest of the Source(s) to fund the Project; conduct a one-hour conference call with the Applicant Principal(s); generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a Loan Offer package, and we schedule a meeting with the Applicant ALL at absolutely NO COST to the Applicant.

How do you earn a service fee for this?

Lenders cut a small portion of the loan as a referral fee.  We choose the best lender to get you an approval, not necessarily the highest paying lender for Lioness Enterprises, LLC.  

Is there a cost to review my business plan?

No, we will review the business plan at no cost.  However, we do offer a brainstorm session to compose your business plan if you do not have one - schedule here.

Do you offer a credit repair service?

Yes, we do!  Ask about this service - schedule here.